Suppliers of imagery to national or local press; online and in print, PR agencies, bands and band management.

After years of shooting for other establishments, we decided it was time to launch Oh-Kay Music Photography. In a nutshell, we independently shoot and review gigs, festivals and tours. Crafting imagery from stage to screen, we love to share live music photography, and this forms the basis of what we do. Think of us as a photographic based music magazine, a place you can come to appreciate stunning photography of live shows, pick up photography tips and tricks, whilst keeping up to date with new and old music alike.



Most questions we receive are regarding image usage, please note all image usage requests must be approved prior to publishing.

Q. Can I distribute imagery to press outlets?

A. We require you to seek permission to publish any content created for Oh-Kay Music Photography.


Q. I'm in a band, can we use your photos? - We'll credit you.

A. This is a fairly common request. Prior to using any imagery, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Q. Will you attend our event?

A. Please get in touch to discuss your event requirements - we'll be happy to help.


Q. Can you send me raw versions of an image?

A. In most cases the answer will be no, although we can supply if your needs are specific.


Q. Is it only live music you cover?

A. We cover all kinds of events or anything on stage.



We're just starting out with this new venture, so bear with us while we get things together - we'll be looking for talented, passionate photographers (and writers) to cover shows, concerts, festivals and tours in good time.

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