Event photography for 2018 - diary filling up fast!

Do you run events? What better way to show off your event than to have a bank full of great imagery from your past events? ...especially important in todays age of social media and needing to stand out amongst the ever increasing crowd.

While we're busy booking up the summer months for 2018 with some of the best festivals, tours, live shows and concerts in the south west and Bristol. We're still on the lookout for more, so if you want exellent photography coverage of your event, don't miss out - the diary is fill up pretty quickly.  




Check out the new promo video we just knocked up - pretty cool eh! Remember to hit that subscribe button on YouTube




We love Looe Music Festival, it was our 5th year shooting for them this year - so we've put together this highlights slideshow. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back, relax and re-live all the highlights of LMF2017!

If you'd like to see more of these, let us know in the comments - we'll go back through the years and put some more together for your viewing pleasure.


What, more Shed Seven?

Here's our YouTube gallery slideshow for our evening with Shed Seven at O2 Academy, Bristol. We'll be making these for every show we attend, be the first to find out about these and subscribe to our YouTube channel right here

We'll always have our latest reviews and shoots on our homepage, but we'll also direct you here - Shed Seven - O2 Acadmey, Bristol.




Shed Seven - Coming soon.

We had a great time at Shed Seven last week - hold tight while we prepare our photo gallery and review of their sold out headline show at Bristol O2 Academy. Here's a couple of sneaky peeks - make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter

Shed Seven - O2 Academy, Bristol

Rick Witter (Shed Seven) - pointing out a face in the crowd at Bristol O2 Academy


SOLD OUT! - The Sheds have sold a whopping 50,000 tickets for their 2017 winter tour.


Greeted with a big OOOOOOH from the crowd when their super twinkly Christmas lights we're switched on.


Keep an eye out for this gallery + review. We're working on getting lots more shows, with some big stuff lined up for 2018. 


Shed Seven - Confirmed

We're off! A nice email dropped in our inbox today - we're confirmed to shoot Shed Seven at the O2 Academy in Bristol next week. Although this new website isn't complete yet, this marks a small milestone for the early days of OKMP - it's our first confirmation! Woo hoo. This should be a good one though, back in the day Shed Seven could be found in the shadows of Oasis and Blur, not any more - they're back and better than ever before, or so they're saying. We'll see for ourselves next week.


Shed Seven

Photo credit: Shed Seven

Here's one of their hits from 1998! Whoa.




Shooting live

I always have a great time shooting live music - especially if it's a band I like, but one of the best bits is discovering music you'd never normally listen to, here's just a couple of relatively unknown bands that made it into my playlists after shooting them a few years back.


Will and the People - Wasting Time


Brother and Bones - To Be Alive








Oh-Kaaaay then

Just a little test of the new blog. Not sure where this will end up - we'll find out, lots of ideas floating around.

It's been a long time coming, but here's my new site dedicated to music photography.